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Rolling Stones at Glastonbury Could Be TV “Blackout”


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Whats that all about???? Money?? Worried about a bad performance???


This was on Gibsons front page too





The BBC has said it is having "ongoing conversations" with the Rolling Stones over how much of their Glastonbury performance can be broadcast on TV.


Press reports suggested the band had refused to let their full set be aired.


"Discussions with artists are business as usual for this stage of our festival planning," a BBC spokesperson said.


Speaking to The Independent, the BBC's head of music television Mark Cooper said the rock legends were "nervous about how much they should share".


The Stones, he told the paper, were "stepping out of their comfort zone". He added: "At this point, I'm quite optimistic we'll get a sufficient amount of music."


The BBC statement said: "We're confident that we'll be able to deliver fantastic coverage of this year's amazing Glastonbury line-up."


The Rolling Stones' spokesman declined to comment. The veteran rockers, he said, chose to remain "tight-lipped" on the subject.


The band will play on the festival's main Pyramid Stage on Saturday 29 June. Mumford and Sons and the Arctic Monkeys are the other headline acts at this year's event at Worthy Farm, Somerset.


On Thursday, the BBC said there would be 250 hours of live broadcasting from Glastonbury's six main stages.

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I think they don't want people to see how old they sound. Vocals are really bad now. It's one thing to physically be at the show and be swept up in the energy of the crowd. It's another thing to be watching it on tv where you can be aware of the sound coming off the stage.

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I'm pretty sure they want to package it and sell it in its' entirety, because I would just get my buddy to tape it that night and I'll watch it next week. Well, record it to dvd. Or whatever things you use in Yourup.



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Guest Farnsbarns



Publicity BS. If not, they had better check their contract coz the headliners always agree to 100% TV coverage.

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