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Any opinion on 1960' Hummingbird reissue with adjustable bridge?


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Hello, members.

I have a chance to get a 1960's reissue adjustable bridge version Hummingbird cheaper than a new Hummingbird Modern Classic.

Does anybody have experience with the guitar? I read some threads for the hate of the adjustable bridge and some loved the sound of the guitar.

Any input will be welcomed.


Thank you in advance.

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Good question - Haven't tried one, and gasped in disbelief when seeing the first re-issue.

But this plus a couple of other topic-related things, made me realize the negative reputation of the adjustable saddle is overblown.

Yes you heard me. In theory it's pretty easy to put it down due to lack of contact, but check out the older models. Not bad that at all. . .




Don't know if it comes with ceramic saddle - just remember this can be exchanged with plenty of other materials after your taste - f.x. bone or tusq.

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Havent seen a 60s reissue Hummingbird but really liking my new 60s reissue J-45. It came with a bone nut and Tusq saddle on the adj bridge. And I love the tone...and my previous standard J-45 had fixed bridge so I have a decent point of comparo. Dont let the adj bridge scare ya.


Please post pics if ya get it!!

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