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Gibson with single coil pick ups


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Hi guys,


Not sure this is the right forum section to start this topic but here I am.


I've been playing with an Epiphone all my life and was about to buy a Gibson a few weeks ago, until I tried Fender Tele & Strat guitars. I loved the clean sound of those and didn't mind the lighter distortion. The only problem with Frender is their design. Tele are better looking than strat but in the end, a Les Paul (especially Custom) still looks 10 times better. Of course this all subjective. Anyway I thought about getting the best of both worlds by finding a Gibson with single coil pick-up. I found this video on youtube and was pretty impressed:


I guess the alternative would be a Gibson with P90 single coils...

Any recommendations?




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Hello and welcome... Nighthawks are pretty cool... P90s are excellent.. Also you may consider the new Les Paul 2013 Standards or Traditional Pros that have coil splits (split humbuckers) but is no where near a Strat single coil sound.





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Hi and welcome...


A big subject which many may pitch in with...


I have an SG 3, purchased when it was a 'novelty' low price limited run...interesting with awful P/U's(IMO) which I replaced with Seymour Duncan Strat type...making a very usable alternative SG with some bite...


Many hereon will agree that Gibsons and Fenders co-exist and satisfy different requirements of the serious player...


There are P90 loaded SG's and LP's, not forgetting the delightful Casino and ES330...


The best test is onstage with a band...each option makes different noises at different volume levels...


PS...the LP Junior often comes with a single bridge P90 and punches well above it's weight... [thumbup]





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Guest Farnsbarns

Just adding my twopen'th. Neither split humbuckers, nor p90s are going to sound anywhere like a fender single coil.

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