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Great stuff! Thanks. There's no beating the original Alice Cooper band lineup.

Totally agree there. Really nice to see the band getting prepared for that shoot too, looks like it could have been filmed the other week. Love Dennis Dunaway's bass there - very blingy! [laugh]

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"The Ballad of Dwight Frye" has been my favourite Alice Cooper song since it was first released circa 1970-71,that and "Clones(We're All)" from his obscure "Flush The Fashion" CD from 1980 would definitely be in my Top 25 favourite songs.

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The bass player in the first 'band' I was involved with ('75/'76) was just about the biggest Alice Cooper fan in the world.

He only had a couple of dozen albums but they all seemed to be Alice Cooper ones, somehow!

I became VERY familiar with his stuff. Billion Dollar Babies was a particular favourite of mine.


And the trivia question of the day... who was Dwight Frye?.....And what if I gave the hint "Renfield"?

I cheated and used Google.........[blush]


Even although I've known that song for almost 40 years I had no idea about the 'lunatic asylum' connection with the name.

Isn't the internet wonderful?!



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