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Goin' '66 for 3 minutes


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Just returned from the our little studio and the opportunity to add a harmony line on this classic recorded a month back or so.

Thought I'd share now that it's Friday -


It's the 1963 Southern Jumbo again – with the ceramic saddle, , , , and the cigar-box keys.


Sure hope the link works – if not speak up





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That's great! Love the restrained tempo and wistful, resigned approach to the vocal.



What he said......


Really nice interpretation. This is typical of Dylan's songs from this period. They sound so great the way he does them, but are almost impossible to sing since there is no distinct conventional melody line that a normal voice can latch on to.


You do a great job of bridging that gap here.

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Very well done, sir!! worthy.gif

Terrific rendition of a most excellent song! And Here Comes the Sun is equally as impressive. Tip of the hat to you and your talents, Em, very well done, sir. Thank you.


A second listen reveals a mastery of this tune. Your vocals rise from a near hiss to an unrestrained cry and back again at just the right pace.......and the guitar work is sublime. Again, well done well done.

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been away for a while and return to find this beautiful version of a classic Dylan song....


brought a taer to my eye Em7..in the best possible way


thanks man


Only one way to describe Em7th's work BRILLIANT !. good ta see ya back DB !

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Thanks for all the kind words lads – they are sunshine in June for an old street busker.


2 things -


1 – Suddenly got the thought that it's the adjustable tusq, not the ceramic saddle ;-)

2 – Glad this take brought Del out from the bushes.


C U here. . .

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