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New ES-195 and 1959 ES-335


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One for Milod? :)


1959 ES-335

Historic Burst


Vintage Natural



•Semi-hollow body made from laminated maple

•Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays

•Burstbucker 1 and Burstbucker 2 pickups in the neck and bridge positions

•"No wire" ABR Bridge with lightweight aluminum stopbar tailpiece

•Kluson™ tuners with 15:1 tuning ratio









Trans Amber




•Full Hollow body made from laminated maple

•Rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl split-diamond inlays

•Powerful P-94 pickups in the neck and bridge positions

•Tone Pros™ bridge with roller saddles and Bigsby™ tailpiece

•Gold Grover® Mini Tuners with 14:1 tuning ratio





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I was never a fan of the sharpness of the twin-horns on the Florentine-cut Trini Lopez, RS, so the 195 is, IMHO, a nicer looking beast.


I'm not too sure the thing wouldn't feel neck-heavy.


Still; very nice in the trans amber!



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I'm with Pippy...


In fact, I just confirmed last night that the guitar store some hour+ drive away that has been a major independent Epi dealer also is dealing Gibsons and has a 195 as well as a cherry 335. Well, I'm happy with my Epi cherry Dot and honestly, the last guitar I owned with a whammy was a Gretsch orange back in the '70s and I disabled the Bigsby.


I like the 175-like shape, though. IMHO the single cut is more than enough. I've used the higher register on doubles, but if you wear the guitar "high," I don't think the top cut really plays that much of a deal, either on a 335-type or on an SG type.


I think my next guit will be either an AE J35 or 45, though. I've resisted buying a Gibson 'cuz I refuse to pay more than $500 or so on a mail order guitar - and honestly, some of the Epi Masterbilts are as good as a lotta "name" guitars at a lot less cash. I'd just prefer an AE with the shorter scale.



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Ive played the ES-195 at Haggerty's in Rapid City, SD.

Milo it was the Black model. I really liked the tone and

playability. The Bigsby was a feature I probably wouldn't

use. Also, I am partial to the Amber colored model, it's a few bucks more.

For me it was hard to get by the 'Hawk' headstock so only

because of the headstock I would give it a 4 out of 5.


By the way Milo this Saturday June 15, 2013 Haggerty's is hosting

Gibson so fun and workshops will be available at the Main Street Store

in Rapid City, SD

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I talked with Bruce at the store about it Wednesday - and possibilities of me plus a J35 or AE 45.


He said there's also a nice new cherry 335 in stock with that 195, so you probably saw that too.


But... this weekend I'll be too busy with the Center of the Nation All Car Rally here over the weekend and prep for the two "big" rodeos here the following cupla weeks.


If you're around and/or interested... it's the SD High School Rodeo Association Finals June 19-23 and then the PRCA Roundup July 3-6.


Darn it. I wish it were otherwise for timing. I probably can't break loose even at night or weekends until mid-late July.



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