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Johnny Smith Passes


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I have just heard that Johnny Smith has passed away.


Johnny was a major influence on many guitarists, myself included, and will be remembered for a LONG time as one of the greats of Jazz Guitar.



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R.I.P. A true giant in his 'day' (the 1950s and early 60s), an innovative and amazing chord player.

The 1st tuition books I bought were the Johnny Smith method 1 & 2 - I still have them and some of the many albums he made.

I had been expecting to hear this for quite awhile as he was very aged.

He took care and time in everything he did: "Walk Don't Run".


Goodbye Mr Smith and thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

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Very Sad, to hear this! [crying] Johnny was an awesome player, huge influence,

and a very nice fellow, too! I used to go into his music store, on

8th Street, in Colorado Springs. He set up my Gretsch Country Gent,

for me, on one visit. My cousin, who is a photographer in C-Springs,

shot one of his album covers, as well.


R.I.P. Johnny, thanks for all the great music, and your patient, generous help,

to a young kid, just learning, years ago!





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He sure was all them things everyone has said here. Charlie Brown, that's a great memory and a great story.




It is, a great memory [biggrin] After he set-up my Gretsch, he played some runs, and licks,

and (of course) my mouth dropped to the floor! At age 15-16, I'd never heard anyone play

like that, before. (And, not many...if ANY, since!) It was very humbling! LOL


It was later that same day, that I found out, from my Aunt, that my cousin had photographed

him, for the cover of one of his albums. I'm going out to visit that cousin, this summer, so

I'll ask him "which" album. If I remember right, it was in the early-mid '60's, and Johnny's

standing in front of a Pine tree trunk, or some such (hard to remember, after all these years),

looking off in the distance.


Edit: The album mentioned is "Reminiscing" (1965)



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