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Flag day USA


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even with all the crap going on, I still love our country [thumbup]. Nothing prettier than "Old Glory" dancing in a gentle breeze. Long may she wave.



I agree! [biggrin] It's a shame what has been happening here but I will always love my country and hope for it's best [thumbup] And nothing is quite like seeing her blowing in the wind!! :rolleyes:

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It's a pity that here in the UK we can't have the patriotism that you in the US have.

This video shows some of the problems we have. Jump to 4.40 and see the story about the flag. The man saying 'What would people think if he flew a Caribbean flag'? Er??? it's the UK not the Caribbean. That's why we fly the flag. But we're not allowed to be patriotic any more unless we offend someone. Everyone is scared in case they get accused of being racist. It's madness.

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