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Brand new 2012 J-200 bridge corner gap

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HI all, I just discovered on my brand new j-200 a gap in a small area between the moustache bridge corner (bass side) and the top...at first sight it seems that there's no glue between the joints.

The gap is very slightly reduced after removed the strings, but Is still visible and the paper can still inserted...what do you think about it?





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My first thought is that it should not be so. Secondly, it seems to be more on the 'decorative end' of the bridge and not coming up on the 'business end' of the bridge.....so not SO much of a concern.


However, it should not be happening on a 'new guitar'.... me thinks! The fact that you a difference in the gap when under tension is quite disconcerting. Its your call, if you want to have it taken care of as a 'warranty issue'. You may be without it for a while according to some who have posted here.


Very pretty and silky top on your guitar, BTW..


Good Luck!

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thanks for your reply retrorod!

I'm not sure if the gap increase with string tension, if yes, increases very slightly...for sure the gap stays also without string tension...

in the past I solved a similar problem on a Firebird acoustic, who had the fretboard area that lies on the soundoard partially unglued, by injecting some titebond between the joints and clamped overnight...

But the bridge is a crucial area, don't know if a solution like that can be permanent...


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Great pics! Again, I don,t see that the curly-Q section of the bridge is major (structurally). The large,flat expanse would be the most 'load-bearing' and it is most likely bolted down as well as glued.


If you feel confident....... then a bit of tite-bond glue and clamp maybe all that is necessary. Clean up the squeeze-out very good. You mayneed to somehow clean the surfaces before glueing to get a good bond.


Good Luck! Give us some updates.


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