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I like the fact that they both give credit to the slide guitarists who influenced them most.

Johnny WInter has always been one of my favorite slide players.

And who can deny the greatness of Duane Allman when it comes to slide?


This is Joe Bonamassa's version of Bad Blues by Ry Cooder.

Fantastic if I do say so myself.



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But the guy I think gets overlooked is Mr. Roy Rogers!












Roy Rogers is a master at the slide. That's some of the best sounding slide I've ever heard. I would think that the type of guitar he's playing has a lot to do with too. Just an old hollowbody and a P-90 pickup. Man that's some good sounding stuff.

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You know, I've been kind of "stuck in a rut" lately (sound familiar?). I've also been "toying" with slide guitar. After watching all the vid's in this thread, I think I've got some new incentive! Think I'm gonna be working on the slide stuff for a while! [thumbup]


Thanks to all who've posted. Incentive indeed!

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