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What's with Explorers & Flying V's? DISCONTINUED?


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They may be re training the staff to make the new models better than the ones they make just now. The quality coming out of Japan is better and represents better value for money. Just purchased a Bacchus Korina Explorer $900 and then I had to add on shipping and tax to the UK cost me $1400 in total. Now can Gibson sell you a solid Korina body and neck guitar that has been lovingly made and has quality all over it?

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I noticed this myself and am curious about this as well. Explorer USAs are back up with a harrowing "weight relieved" note in the passage on body construction. As for the Vs, it is only the '68s being yanked (the standard USA offering). Frankly I have no idea what nonsense Gibson was up to when they discontinued '67RIs in 2011 for '68s, which seem to be identical in everything but their name. That said, I think Gibson can use some creative thinking in the V department.


The 67'RI (which is more of a bastardized mashup of a 67 and a 75 with different neck/body construction) has been produced from 1989 through 2011 with another year and a half of the '68. They have flooded a buyer's market and though a handsome mix of some of the V's best attributes, they are uninspiring after such a long run. Many people are sick to death of the non-matching black headstocks, for example. There was a limited '70s V recently released (no doubt from the spare parts bin of the KH sig)but with the '67 RI construction, nothing differentiated it from the '67 other than headstock shape, which made the insanely disproportionate MSRP untenable.


Now if they did a '70s tribute series like they did the SGs and LPs, with the headstocks, colors (natural, tobacco sunburst, silverburst, maui blue, etc.) and a comparable price tag to the 67RIs, I would be tempted to move. If they reissued the V90 (which will NEVER happen -at least not a proper one) I would jump on one and completely ignore the fact they are using that awful richlite. And frankly, if they discontinued the V for another decade, I couldn't care less (except for the surge in demand for used Vs that would cramp my style). I have 4 '67 RIs, including 2 worn cherry, one alpine, and the V-Bass RI, and with these Vs in hand I can't imagine why I would pay Gibson a penny for another '67/'68 RI. The last new V that I have found to be worth a damn is the Tremolo V (an '84 pickguard-free layout with that stupid '67 contrasting black headstock), and maybe the Silverburst RI (another '84). The ONLY '67 that captured any interest was the Historic Reissue with the correct maestro vibrolla, and that was both prohibitively expensive for the mere addition of a vibrolla and COA, and that was made a full 13 years ago.


I LOVE Vs. I have 8 Gibsons and 2 Epis, but absent some special edition/sig/etc. I have no compelling reason to buy another new "standard Gibson V". They have neglected one of their finest models and have failed to capture the attention and amazement of its fans -ignore the cool special editions a moment... I mean the old, gnarly unchanged '67RI standard (for 24 years) offering.

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