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Guitarists hating on the DF...


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I had a lot of guys in my store (yes.. admitted GC employee) just HATING on this guitar today.


after a whole lot of BS we finally got one in... for about 20 mins...


And the guys that work in my shop were just hating on the finish.


I happen to think its gorgeous...


i even compare it to a set of fake breasts.


And fake boobs aren’t for everybody… to some they are mountains of symmetrical beauty, and to others they are fake and plastic. To me the only ones that are fake are the ones in my mind I can’t touch… and I can’t touch the Dark Fire Either…


so until I do… it must not truly be real.

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When I bought mine at the Winter Park GC in Orlando, not one person in that store was ragging on the Dark Fire, just envy! They were super happy to be able to play it, and see it up close, since it has to be paid in full before even opening the shipping box. They were all super appreciative that I let them check it out, and I was treated so well about being one of the first to own one. I have been playing for 17 years, owned custom guitars that were made for me, and by far this is the best guitar I have EVER played. It plays like butter, the sound is amazing, and the tuning is just insane! I can't wait to use it with MIDI! I'm lovin this guitar like mcd's! Any guitar player that plays this guitar and doesn't like it, has major issues.

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