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The "Gary Moore" Studio - My Opinion...

Gary Moore Tribute

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Finally got a chance to try this guitar in Manchester at Dawson's, Usually with signatures you expect a custom setup of pickups, hardware & finishes as you would see the actual artist use them.

However in this case only the finish is being used here...


Trying it out I was expecting the classic "Moore" nasally screeching sound to be produced and I frankly found it to be exactly the same as my 08 Standard (over bright, with no capacitor reductions)

Its kind of disappointing really, we're talking about a guitar that has a signature sound and many want to emulate.


So really what was the point of this? The Lemon Burst finish isn't common for sure but that's all your paying for, it's just a Pre 08 Standard setup with no binding and a "Studio" Granadillo fretboard


Seems like a cash in on the name & not a tribute to the great man we (including my self) would have expected [crying]


In all honesty if you really want one of these, try and find a 2000/2001 TRUE tribute model or modify a Honey Burst Traditional / 59 Reissue Lemon Burst


Shame... a real shame...

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And I was thinking of buying one when they first came out at $2150

Could have got a New one for under $1500 but had second thoughts and

feel if these don't sell then we will see a big price drop,hope

its soon lol.(it just looks like a studio with a few extras}.....JT

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