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Should "Rock & Roll" have an age limit?

charlie brown

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Rock does (to me) have kind of an "age limit." Not so much the music, itself,

but the "content," IMHO needs to better reflect the age of the performer. What

you sang about, in your teens, is probably not what you should be singing about,

in your 60's or 70's, unless it's for pure nostalgia?


Oddly, Country, and Blues, don't seem to have that age limit, nearly as much.


But...What do you (honestly) think, and why?





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The age limit is put on by people that number one don't want to admit to their origins through the classics.


Number two decide themselves to grow stagnant like a pond and ignore that all genre is ever growing and changing.


Got to keep flowing and growing accept the new never forget the origin.





Every generation will, or should learn from the past and take pieces of history with them into the future! It's the only way we can eradicate the memory of 'Coldplay'!! [laugh]

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Interesting that Keith Richards was used, here. As I got to wondering (again)

about all this, after reading some posts, on the "Stones at Glastonbury" thread,

which either sounded like, "Stone's" bashing, or...maybe some real concern, about

how, being "past their prime," relevant they could be, nowadays? And, are those

performers "YOU" deem being "too old," and irrelevant, only due to your dislike of

them, in the first place, or how they've (for one reason or another) fallen out of

favor, and why?


So, ok...what about performing in public? Is, or should there be an "age limit,"

to that? Or, is it ok, until they flop over dead, on stage? LOL Should the "Stones"

stop? Should Paul McCartney stop? Bowie? Clapton? Should any, or most of the

old "Classic Rock," folks, stop?


By the way, there are NO "right or wrong answers" (IMHO) here...just, curiosities,

and opinions. [thumbup]



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Chuck Berry is 86 and still kicking. Argument invalid.


So, is BB King...actually, he's 87! Of course, he doesn't

play nearly as much per set, as he used to. But, it's amazing

he plays as many dates, as he still does, all things considered.


They both play, pretty much, what they've always played, though...

Not much "new" stuff. But, that's alright...people go to see

them, to hear the "old and familiar." Same, to a large extent, with

the Stones, McCartney, Clapton, and all the rest of the "old guard."



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I don't relate to the lyrics of songs like "I Saw Her Standing There" anymore, but the piece is a part of my development so therefore, I still enjoy listening and playing songs of my past. It has to do with the "feel good" effect, so, short answer, no, rock shouldn't be age restricted.

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KISS continue to play songs like "Christine Sixteen" and nobody's whining (well, nobody except for Peter Criss, but that's a different story altogether...).


I don't think there should be an age limit. Even if you can't relate to a song like you did when you were a teenager, that song is still special.


A good song is a good song, period.

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I'm amazed, at Jagger's energy [scared] , on stage, at 70 (on July 26, this year)!

Say what you want, but he puts on a Hell of Show, still! [thumbup]



yeah im not sure its about their age but more the familiarity of who they are and what they do..


even if you've only seen video of them in concert, they keep doing much the same thing these days which isn't bad... But they did nothing interesting apart from what we have already seen many times before.. Its not that their performance was bad or they are too old, we have just all seen it..


Maybe a special guest (like BB King does) would spice things up..


Then again older performers cant win. When they try and do something new the audience wants the same old crap so maybe its our fault :P.. I once went to a Robert Plant gig (a charity benefit), he did most of his own stuff and some Zep songs but so differently that you would barely recognise them.. He was actually booed by the crowd :o which I found shocking.. So he wants to do something different? As I say they cant win


Like say when Bowie performs.. Usually if hes doing something new he will warn the audience of what they are going to see... So anyone wanting the classics will stay away etc..


Achh, theres no right or wrong.. its all just life.. whatever whatever :)

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Yeah, I would say let people do what they want. If the audience still digs/buys it enough for them to keep doing it, then rock on. [thumbup]


That said, I don't listen to Stones albums after Tattoo You or Who albums after Keith Moon died.


I guess a related question is this... are the artists generating anything genuinely new or just coasting on nostalgia? I find nostalgia kinda gross. But some guys (Jeff Beck springs to mind) are constantly evolving and bringing something new. I guess as far as respect goes that gets more respect in my book than the big nostalgia tours.

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....perfectly ****in illustrated...........


That does beautifully sum it up [thumbup]


Though I'd still say I don't mind them staying around and milking their careers, I'm just not likely to partake.

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The old guy down the cubes from me still has his punch card machine, and he is still wicked expert at using it.


It isn't so much your age as your relevance. Grasping your own (ir)relevance is usually the problem.



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Though I'd still say I don't mind them staying around and milking their careers, I'm just not likely to partake.


Just don't tell me that Black Sabbath in 2013 is as good as Sabbath in '71.....

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1372642653[/url]' post='1393779']

It's painful to watch musicians in their 50s try to do what they did in their 20s. The mind set is different. The Stones, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, etc are still around because people in general like celebrities better than good music.





....beautifullly ****in illustrated...........


It will not be so hard for the artist today when they get old, everything they do is generated by a computer or a massive footboard pedal collection and stored on a thumb drive. But then, they will look very funny with the tattoos and body modifications when they are seasoned by time....

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Telling us old guys we can't rock is like telling the Wright Brothers they can't fly anymore.Punk, we invented Rock! We will be done within, when we say so. Until then, bug off!


Hey, even the Wright Brother's had to stop, sometime...failing eyesight, too slow

reaction time, etc. So, yeah...they got "too old" to fly! [crying]


Anyway...FYI jaxson50, you OLD GEEZER [flapper][biggrin] , I ain't no "Punk!"

I may be older, than you are! Then again, maybe not? Point is, for some people, "Rock"

does have a shorter shelf-life, than for other's. It's the music, of their youth, and

sometimes they "move on," to Jazz, Blues, Classical..even, dare I say it, "Country!"


Which is fine! No one's saying YOU can't play Rock & Roll, 'til you drop. It was just

a thought, a rhetorical question, to get some discussion going, provoke some thinking, etc.

So, I'll take the "Bug Off," bit, with a grin! [biggrin]


I still play Rock, Blues, and a bit of "Country," myself. And, I probably always will, as

long as I'm able. However, small club/bar "audiences" are much younger, and seem to find

it harder to relate to our music, or...even US, attempting to play "their" music! Even when

we do a decent job of it. There's still an "age/generation" thing, going on. Denying that,

changes nothing!


So...I just wondered, how other's here felt, and thought about it...and, put it out there! :rolleyes:



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