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Remembering 19 fallen firefighters...


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Very sad. My heart goes out to all the families and fellow fire fighters.


My father was a member of our Volunteer Fight Dept. for more than 50 years, so those stories hit close to home.

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I just learned that one of the fallen was a young (24) firefighter from a small town near my own. He saw this as a true calling that might have deeper meaning.


May his "rest" be one of enjoying the mountains and plains and overcoming challenges as he did while here.



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I bet they're gonna have a great fireman's calendar this year. Some of those guys had smokin' bods.



Was that supposed to be funny?


You have no clue.




Condolences to the heroes families.

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a + for Milo...you have a way with words !!


my heart goes out to the friends & families of the fallen heroes.

let's not forget those still out there risking it all that we might sleep in peace.



Law Enforcement

Armed Services


Thank You for risking your very lives, for people you'll never meet........

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