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Where can we get pickguards for our Gibson archtops? I mean a PG made by Gibson. I once bought one off of ebay (wasn't made by Gibson) and it was disaster, it totally didn't fit: pup spacing was way off, screw holes misaligned. Everything was off in every way. I digress...


So I have seen interesting pearly ones on factory models, I have seen cool tortoise ones on factory models... you get the picture. Where can somebody find one of these "not black" PGs that are made by Gibson? Or that are cut right and fit? (It's hard to believe that the only way is to have one custom cut from a stencil you provide.) Hmmmm, somebody in here knows...

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I have a 135 and a 175 that I'm considering. The 135 never had a PG, which is why I can't do the stencil thing. And it is a major hassle if it doesn't fit, which is why I'd prefer a PG made by Gibson. But I begrudgingly realize it may be a pipe dream to get a Gibson one that's not black.

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I wrote to Gibson Europe some months ago about this...here is the correspondence. I got in touch with both companies and they ask me for a tracing of my old pickguard, problem is I do not have one. I would like to fit a long pickguard to my 335 but no one seems to be able to tell me if it will fit..not even Gibson know !!!!!!! So I gave up.




Dear Mr ******** (gibson)


Could you tell me where I can purchase a Gibson Pickguard and bracket for my es 335?


Many Thanks






Dear *****

Thanks for the reply.


There are several online sellers who sell pickguards online, like for example the following two:






I suggest you to contact them directly.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Kind regards,




Dear Mr ******* (gibson)



Can I fit a 59 long pickguard on to replace the short pickguard ? Are the screw holes for guard and mounting bracket same position



Many Thanks



Dear Mr ******


It is better to ask pickguardheaven or pickguards.com, to be sure to have a pickguard that will fit, without any modifications to be done.


Kind Regards

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I have a 135 with no PG too' date=' I've thought about putting a tortoise shell or abalone PG in it, but the only Gibson guards I can find are black or cream... Have you looked at Allparts.com? [/quote']


I've checked out a number of sources. After getting f#cked on buying a PG that wasn't made by Gibson and didn't fit *at all* I am hoping to hear from someone who says: "I bought mine from X without providing a template and it fit like it came from the factory."


My 135 doesn't have a PG and I might just be sloppy at making templates. I know there is some guru in here who is wise in the ways of arch tops...!

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