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Thank you for the find, JCV - exactly the sound I didn't want to hear, if you know what I say.


This is the soft rosewood saddle insert over the heavy braces of '68 and that combo just doesn't rock my boat.


For the same reason I went to rosewood w. normal sized bone saddle, tuned half a step down and even did some bass-end-brace-sanding on mine.

Much more for my ears now, but different strokes for different folks. . .


Btw. watch the logo on this one. It's different than mine and my guess would have been 1969. What do I know - maybe it was introduced in mid-68 or on 45's only.


Let me underline that I don't doubt this could sound excellent as a strummer inside a mix, , , or generally good in the right recording.

But notice how far away it is from the lighter braced dittos from before '68 (talking hog squares here).


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