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Any help on identifying this Kramer?

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So I was pawn-hopping here in San Antonio and came across this Kramer with a tele body. Black and grey quilted maple top cream binding and black and cream humbuckers I thought that's a good looking guitar. No pickguard, dual humbuckers, three way switch, string thru body. After buying on the spot I came home, plugged it in and while it isn't the best feeling and sounding guitar I've played, it's definately worth more than the $159 I paid. The neck is smooth and fast has an awesome feel, but really could use some new pickups. Can anyone help ID it? No markings anywhere except Kramer on the headstock. Blank neck plate took off the back electronics cover no markings in there either. Will post pictures tomorrow if I can find out how. Thanks guys

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Why can't I find stuff like this in pawn shops! I can't help with the ID, but I would agree that it's worth what you paid for sure.


Does it have a serial number? My EBay special had the serial number on the back of the headstock. That's how I was able to ID it.

No, no serial number anywhere. I am rather happy with it. Plays very nice for a cheap pawn shop score. It seems the bridge was moved further down the body as there are two filled holes closer to the bridge pickup but it seems professionally done, the finish is flawless in the area. Just can't wrap my head around the playability. The neck feels silky even though I need to lower the action, it is a very fast neck. Quite unlike all the other guitars I've played with a clear coat finish on the neck's wood that makes moving up and down the neck drag on your skin.

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I think it's a parts mutt. The body looks just like my Brownsville Tele that I pick up at a swap meet last year. From what little info I can find they were a Sam Ash store brand, or something like that. I've been wanting to do something like that with mine, but it plays pretty good with the stock neck, so I really don't care what it says on the headstock.


Here's a few pic of my Tele







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