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So I'm looking for this guitar I saw some YouTubers playing (MeganandLiz if you need to know) and it's a Gibson (at least that's what it says on the headstock) but I don't know the model number. Think you guys might have a clue?


The picture: click here


That's one of the Canadian-built Songmaker dreads from about five years ago. The Schaller tuners are the real give-away here, but the bound ebony fretboard, 30s-style pick-guard and gold block headstock logo all tie in. I can't tell whether the truss-rod cover has three screws from the photo, which would be the other clear identifier, but I'd wager it has got three screws. I can't tell what the back and sides are from the picture, other than that they are not maple (which when used on these instruments was given a natural finish). It is either a DSM (mahogany) or a DSR (rosewood). My guess is the latter, but there's not enough grain visible to tell (and not a clear enough view of the back wood through the soundhole). The fact that they're using a soundhole pick-up probably indicates that it's not one of the models that came with electronics (which may all have had cutaways in any case, unlike the pictured instrument). These guitars were discontinued about three years ago. They come in for a lot of stick around here, and are not typical Gibson models either in provenance or style, but they certainly made the brand available to less wealthy buyers for a couple of years, were all-solid wood and apparently well made. Since discontinuation they've gone up in price, presumably on the basis of name and rarity, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay the 795 pounds sterling that a local shop is asking for one, when I could have a brand new J35 for a little over a grand.

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