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Poor Man's J200


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I was browsing my local Kijiji for guitars when I came across this Gibson J200 for $600, which I immediately suspected was a fake because of the headstock.


Gibson J200


At the time, the ad said it was a Gibson J200 with no indication of year. I sent an email and requested serial number info. The person responded saying they wouldn't give me the serial number through email but I could come and see it and play it. When I looked at the ad again just now, it had been changed to "Brand new Gibson replica".Then I searched for where these fakes come from and found this site:


Fake Chinese J200


where for $275 you can get one of these beauties! Well that's what it says anyway! I suspect you'd send your money and then never hear from them again.


It does go to show how the Chinese are getting pretty good at copying these guitars. Without a trained eye, you would never suspect this was a copy. I think I'm going to go play it just to see. Should I bring my genuine J200 along with me for the ride?


I don't think it is illegal to sell one of these as a replica (although $600 could be considered criminal), but if someone sold it to an unsuspecting buyer as a genuine Gibson, would that be considered fraud?

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...anything with the Gibson logo on the headstock that is not a Gibson would be illegal, regardless of whether it was advertised as a replica or not.


Unless you're Slash, then your fakes get faithfully reproduced by the company that had its copyright violated and then they're sold at overblown prices to Gibson fans.

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I learned a couple of weeks ago not to buy things directly from China. We ordered 4 pairs of canvas loafers (Tom's) on the Internet paying with.a Bank of America card. The shoes came, right styles but absolutely wrong size. Instead of 6 they were 10. Seller referred us to another intermediary. They asked for pix, and deflected for several weeks. BoA said to get a credit on our card we'd have to return them. Vendor would not give us an address. (Original package in Chinese-no help). Finally, we learned postage would cost over $75 to return $120 worth of shoes, with little hope the vendor would honor the return.

So, if you can't be sure you won't get ripped off on shoes,you could get stuck big time on any kind of guitar.

Yes, I am sure there are honest merchants over there. But, I would never gamble - too many things (like pick guard placement ) could go wrong. The wood could even be illegal!

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