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Joe M

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Just played an Epi Masterbuilt that was on consignment in a local shop. Thought it played and sounded great. It had maple back, sides and neck which I had never seen before. In fact I didn't know they came with anything other than rosewood back and sides. Anybody have any experience with the maple and what do you think a fair price would be? Guitar was in mint condition and came with one of those soft-hard cases.

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That was a DR-500P. Many consider it one of the better Masterbilts. Certainly one of the rarer models. If you liked it, you should scoop it up. $399-$450 in excellent condition, I would reckon.


Masterbilts were made with Mahogany back and sides (DR-500M, AJ-500M, and EF-500M and their counterparts with electronics [they have an E in the model number] and cutaways [C]), rosewood back and sides (DR-500R, AJ-500R, and EF-500R and their counterparts with electronics [E] and cutaways [C]), and maPle [P]. Models with Abalone trim had an an A in the model number. A couple of models also had cedar tops (also a C in the model number) instead of the typical sitka. DR models are square-shouldered dreadnaughts, AJ models are slope-shoulder dreadnaughts, and EF models are smaller bodies, similar to a Martin 00 size. For instance, the EF-500RCCE is a small body guitar [EF] with rosewood back and sides [R], cedar top [C], a cutaway [C], and electronics [E].


Red 333

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Buy it. You won't be sorry. One of the best Masterbilts.

When they first came out at GC, I played all three - Rosewood, Mahogany, and Maple.

The maple really rang brighter than the others.

Fell in love. Picked one up on e-bay shortly after.


This one was from 05. I kept it humidified, but it developed a crease on the top from the bridge to the lower bout.

Fearing a crack starting, I traded it in on a new Breedlove.

But I missed that beautiful sound.

The harmonics on this was just amazing.

I would put this up against any Martin.


Over last Christmas a forum member was looking to sell his and inquired about what to charge for one.

I PMed him, he wanted $350 + $50 for the hard shell case and $35 for shipping.

$435 to me was fine and it was in pristine condition. Loved the guitar and had to replace it ( funny how the ones that get away demand you replace them at any cost)

Before that I had only found them for sale in the $500 - $600 range.

Since then only 1 has come by lower than what I paid.


This has the same beautiful tone and harmonics as my first.

I keep a lookout for these. I find another one in this condition, I will not hesitate to purchase it again.

- M

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OK, went back and checked out the guitar again. Still played and sounded great. I checked it out with a fine-tooth comb and couldn't find a single flaw on it, it's as nice as when it came from the factory. Turns out it's owned by one of the guys who work there and he told me it was made in 2004. The only problem is that it once had a Fishman pickup in it which was removed leaving a hole where the end pin goes. Since I've done a lot of business with these guys, I was told it would be no problem to plug the hole. Price on it was marked $500 but the owner said he would give it to me for $450 out the door.


So, I guess I need that final push over the edge to buy this guitar. Heaven knows I don't NEED another guitar,in fact, I'm trying to thin the herd a little, but I have learned there is a big difference between NEED and WANT......

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I got one in maple last week, and it is just an amazing instrument...I played my wife's Gibson jumbo made in the 1960's and I like the Epiphone much better - easier playing and far better sound...Mellow and jazzy, with sustain and an almost ringing quality...


I got my first Epiphone acoustic, a John Lennon EJ 160, about a month ago, and I just got my 3rd one, an EL00, late this morning. They are ALL far above average guitars, and far better than their price would indicate.



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I just got mine the other day. A DR500MCE. Beautiful Guitar. 1st thing I did was new strings and sanded the saddle down to lower the action. Plays nice sounds sweet. You can't beat these MasterBilts amazing guitars. And it was also plekd.

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Any masterbuilt is worth the money, found a DR online and it blows me away. I've jammed with expensive Taks, and Martins and a Guild they all were impressed with the sound acoustically. Guy with the Tak. wanted to play it all night.


p.s. got mine, 2010 model for 395 cash what a bargain

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