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Would you buy ANY of these used Gibson Acoustics for $2500??

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They all look in exceptional condition to moi...


It is a buyers' market at the moment, so natural law will prevail...


Sometimes difficult to decide between a new guitar or a mint s/h one...


Interesting post [thumbup]





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Wiley, think y'all spending too much time shopping (heh). No seriously, Id say a reach, but that's the state of Ebay at present. Since the dealers got on board, they have set the rates and private sellers do likewise. Neither may expect to get those amounts but they arent shy about putting em out there. Dealers can take the long view (hence all those 'make-an-offer listings with high reserves). Mileage may vary for private sellers.


As for the buyers market.. you'd think so, but Im not seeing it. Rarer pieces and good deals get snapped up fast. The rest of the fruit seems to hang on the vine (right, I spend too much time looking at this as well).

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A lot of people (myself included) list high on CL/kijiji knowning they will be beat down on price. Just because it is listed for a certain price doesn't mean that is what it will sell for.


When I bought my J-45 TV last summer the guy had it listed for $3000 on kijiji, I bought it for $2100.

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Not tempted..dont like bridge on Song Writer..never use acoustic pickups as in J45 PV..and a maple hummingbird..nah!

Im tempted by a JB Walnut for $2800 on the trading Post much more.


Hey MB, ever play a Custom Shop maple Hummingbird? Just wondering.

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Not sure about the Songwriter, but the other two are relatively unusual and sometimes that means a higher price and sometimes that means a buyer is harder to come by. For me, there are other Gibsons that I would rather have for the same amount of money.


Also, regarding choosing between a used guitar in excellent condition and a new one, I always tend to go used and get a better deal. If it turns out I don't like the used one after awhile, it's usually not difficult to sell or trade it and not lose any serious dough in the process. But, that's just me and I get why many folks like to play lots of different guitars at a store and find something special.

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Wouldn't hesitate to try all 3. Not least the Bird, which in my perception isand will continue to be a short scale Dove.

What's further interesting about that one is the burst continuing round the sides to the back.

I like that on some guitars and remember seeing it on f.x. the German rather good Framus guitars.

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