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1962 Sarento resissue


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Hi Gang...


A few weeks ago I got a 1962 Sarento resissue.


I love the guitar but it has a lot of string rattle.


I replaced the AB-1 style bridge with the wire clip

with a bridge I got from Stew Mac that DOES NOT have

the imfamous wire clip.


I took it to my Luthier.


He did some adjustments to the bridge, nut and truss rod.


It plays better now but it still has the string rattle.


The action is not real low and there is a slight relief in the neck.


He told me there is a tiny hump in the neck near the body

but due to the cost of what Epiphones sell for that to have the frets

leveled wasn't worth it and to just enjoy the guitar the way it is.


Is any one else having this problem?


I would like to get rid of or reduce the string rattle

with out raising the action to an unplayable height.


I wonder if putting a Compton bridge on it would help at all?

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Congrats on the new Sorrento.


I cant understand a luthier telling you not to bother with a fret dress on and guitar that needs it, let alone an Epiphone. Its hardly a 'cheap' guitar!! Many pros play Epis no problem.


Plus once the works done it will transform the guitar into a playing machine. Sounds like duff advice to me.


BTW Pics are mandatory on this site - we all want to drool over your new Sorrento!!

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