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Slingin' it low


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Krist would like a word with him.




Think of his height + how low on his body it actually is. I think I saw a documentary that said he was 6'7"


He had to extend his straps using belts, t shirts, etc.

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Guest Farnsbarns

I have a simple equation here.


L x T = p



L is strap length


T is trouser height


P is poser factor


From poser factor we can extrapolate ability by subtracting it from experience. We express this as follows...


X - p = a


This is not entirely accurate though. To be more precise we need to factor in talent so we get.


X x T -p2 = a

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Guitar = Penis


:-k Is there an instrument that gets = to vagina? I mean this is not the first time I hear about the guitar penis correlation.


I think low slinging is done ONLY to look cool. I think The Beatle look isn't desired, but it is needed for really complex stuff.

Have ya'll noticed that Jass bassists hold their bass up high? Jass bassists are tremendous.

Where do classical nylon guitarists/gypsy guitarists have their guitars? Try flamenco slinging it low. Segovia would look so strange o.O


John Mayer looks sexy with the steel string up high. A bit dorky; no denying that low looks WAY cooler, but dorky can be hot. [wub]

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If there were such an instrument, I'm thinking they would stay sold out regardless of price :)


Such instruments exist, but they're battery operated and sound like a kazoo. [flapper]

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I'm still not sure what the point is. IMO it is the most retarded looking thing that can be done. Well, almost. There is the whole pants slung low showing boxer shorts and *** cracks ...


oh well.

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