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I got a new Dove Pro a few weeks ago, $270 delivered. It is now a great guitar, really bright a clear. I have an affection for maple acoustics. It did however arrive with a few problems. 1st thing was the action, not bad but a little high on the bottom end. I took somewhere between 1/32 and 1/64 of an inch off the bridge from the D to low E. Then the frets needed attending to, I flattened the relief of the truss and leveled the frets. Nice---except, G string broke, slap on another and it broke. The tuner had a really sharp edge to it where the string fed through. If I did not have a spare chrome Grover in the parts drawer I would have got out the dremel and a filing cone, but I did so slapped it on there along with some tulip shaped buttons. I put a set of Cleartone's on, tuned up, set a slight relief and holy smokes. Awesome sounding, lower action than would be thought possible on this price guitar, and crystal clear. The I plugged in. Dang,, you could use this as a bass on the bottom 4, but tone and vol pots work good, and dialing in a good acoustic sound is easy as pie. All in all this is an excellent value for the money. One drawback now is I have a white dove on pickguard with yellow tinted tail feathers due to stain on my hands from LP jr I refinished and did not wash up properly.



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