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Gibson j-45 retro 1960's????


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I purchased this a month ago and have been trying to find some information on her but with no luck. The only information I can find is for the sale of this guitar 6 years ago. I first thought it was part of the true vintage family but I never hear of the term retro and a general decade like the 60's? I am also puzzled by the stamp on the back of the head stock. Can anyone help me out on this?

post-48749-060101200 1373517952_thumb.jpg

post-48749-080390000 1373517977_thumb.jpg

post-48749-075281700 1373517998_thumb.jpg

post-48749-064075900 1373518019_thumb.jpg

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I thought it was the 60's J-45's that I seen on sale last year, but running the number


Your guitar was made at the

Bozeman Plant , MA, USA

March 16th, 2003

Production Number: 34


I sure some of the guys will tell you more about this model [thumbup] Nice guitar by the way!

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