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Just bought 3 new guitar books


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Yesterday I went into Coles Bookstore (Canadian subsidiary of Chapters/Indigo Books) and came across 3 guitar oriented books. The books have hundreds of really good photos of guitars as well as description,years produced,woods used etc. The first one is "Classic Guitars" by Walter Carter which contains over 350. detailed pictures of dozens of guitar makes and models.The next book is "The Ultimate Fender Book" by Paul Day and Dave Hunter which of course delves into just about every Fender model made and this book also contains great pix and info.The next book is one that I'm sure that forum members would love to get and that's "The Ultimate Gibson Book" by Paul Day and Walter Carter.This book only refers to electric Gibsons,but it contains a wealth of info.All 3 books are published by Jaw Bone and Outline Press,plus the Fender and Gibson books have DVDs included.The Gibson DVD contains a walk through The Brian Fischer Gibson Collection with Dave Hunter and Carl Verheyen.The Fender DVD is Hunter and Verheyen going through Fischer's Fender guitar and amp collections.


I have just skimmed over the pages of the books but from what I can see,they are going to be a great source of reference to add to my inventory of guitar related books.The DVDs should be really interesting,where I'm just a small scale collector,I love looking at mega-collections and dreaming of a lottery win that would put me in the mega-collection bracket myself-I'd have to build a huge warehouse/studio to put it all in.

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