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Guitar Strap Phobia ???


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I mean REALLY ????

You are sitting down and playing A Gibson acoustic with a very nice patina'd leather strap with the neck end of the strap "duct-taped' to the body ?????? [confused] First of all,


I have been digging and delving into JJ Grey's music for a spell.


I would say that 'IF' i had a "God-given voice" to 'express myself' ...well, it would sound like his. IE: I feel it...


I will simply say that I don't get the strap-end 'duct- taped' to the body... [confused] .....ANYONE???


BTW.....MI-TY FINE sound out of that Gibby... [thumbup]



BUT to redeem himself....a 'proper strap and button' on this song...



Shades of Delbert McClinton


I need more 'real' in my music, like this example than what I get from 'mainstream radio'......I guess why most have gone 'sattlellite';







We need more 'real' like this in music today, IMHO....

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