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Took the day to brush up (Eli's Comin)..and start learning(Celebrate..Make it with you) a few songs.


So I came across this... beautifull clip.

The song "Make it with you" reminded me of a girl(Yolanda) who married my friend and recently died from alcohol abuse..such a sweet person she was.

And I remember hearing this at her house in the basement when the song was recent.

Also..seeing Glen Campbell here at his prime just totally unnerved me. Life wasting away..


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Nice video clip. David Gates and Bread were always easy-on-the-ears. Sweet and easy-going pop sounds. Gates wrote some darned-good songs. And what can you say about Campbell that hasn't already been said? A vastly talented tortured soul who traveled the long and often crooked road that many of his contemporaries traveled. I'm glad he was able to ask forgiveness of those he hurt and forgive those who hurt him before Alzhiemers started taking him away. He no doubt has plenty of human flaws and weaknesses, but so have I. I wish him a peaceful journey.

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