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Help with identification?


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I am new to the forum and have a couple of Gibson identifications I need help with:


1) My wife's 92 year-old grandfather was recently placed into a retirement center. Going through his closet, I found an old Gibson guitar--much to my surprise as a guitar player and having been in the family for 25+ years, he never mentioned it. He tells me it was his fathers. The best I can figure out, is it is maybe a 1920s-era Model O. It has the smaller headstock with the pearl in-lay "The Gibson" straight. It has a bound fretboard and a suspended pickguard and tailpiece. He will need money in the home, so we are considering selling it...but I need to know what it is first. Any ideas?


2) I have owned a Black Les Paul for about 20 years. I assume it is a standard. Where the serial number should be, are the words "Not For Sale" stamped into the wood, under the paint. The guy I bought it from claimed it was an 80, but he wasn't sure if it was a standard or a studio. Ideas on how to verify the year and make short of a SN?


Thank you in advance,


post-58211-052588500 1373987239_thumb.jpg

post-58211-081495500 1373987254_thumb.jpg

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