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SG Original and 2013 VOS


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I was browsing through Sweetwater and ogling the new 2013 custom shop reissues and inevitably ran into the SG Standard with Maestro. Looking at it gave me a quick but wishful bout of GAS even though I own an SG Original. There's something about that VOS finish and a custom shop Gibson that is unreasonably alluring. Looks like the new 2013 reissues emphasize the vintage look really well. My question is whether or not anyone has had the chance to play both a 2013 SG VOS and an SG Original. How does it compare in terms of playability and overall spirit?


I played an earlier custom shop model a few years back (2010 - 2011 model) and remember feeling that it was an immensely comfortable guitar but a little brittle in tone for me at the time.

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Very interesting topic, have the sg original to. What a great guitar that is [thumbup] But i have to agree with you, those new 2013 sg standard custom shop looks really great. They got new pickups that hide glue thing and more authentic finish. Looks just amazing to me. Would love to hear an side by side test with the original


Here's a pick of one for sale i Norway, Look at that gorgeous fretboard, and the lines are just a tad more sexy. In their ad they state that it's Gibson's best Sg so far



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Played a Custom Shop VOS, at my dealer's, and it was a "brick," compared to my "Original"

that I ended up buying. "Dead" resonance wise, by comparison. Now...I would never say

that is always the case...probably just that particular guitar. But, it was WAY different,

than the "Original" I ended up buying. It's Alive, un-plugged resonance wise, compared

to the VOS, that I played. I was prepared to be blown away, by the VOS...but, it just

didn't happen, at all. I HAVE played VOS SG's that were awesome, though. So..."Case

by Case" basis. :>)



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