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You just have to see this to believe it.


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My understanding is that there's already a lawsuit on the way.


My last Asiana trip was some 20 years ago, and the airline was tip top in service.


It appears they, and a lot of other international airlines, however, ain't getting the seat of the pants pilots "we" had in the old days. While the new aircraft have more internal "brains" than a DC-3, I'm not that certain the pilots have the same sort of feel they used to.


Still, Asiana and other good international carriers have an overall excellent safety rep compared to 30 years ago when I was flying a lot. Now I don't want to think about going through TSA - so I don't.


As for the stupidity of the folks at the television station, it's beyond belief and shows incredible ignorance if not incredible lack of intellectual capacity.



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Well, I remember a video clip of Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) by The Lightning Seeds where people with German football (soccer) player shirts were shown. They said "11 - Kuntz" for the pronunciation of this name in English. (Stefan Kuntz is a former member of the German national team.)


By the way, I don't care much about football (soccer) but I like the music of The Lightning Seeds. They were an incredible live band, and although I am a guitar player I especially appreciated the great keyboard work by Angie Pollock. She is a true virtuoso but still knows when one note is better than a million.

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The next script the talking head lady is going to be reciting is "Welcome to WalMart", and whomever typed that into the teleprompter should be practicing "would you like fries with that".




You and I think too much alike Larry.

I used to tease my students and football players the same way.

"Would you like fries with your order," and "Would you like that supersized," were two of the big ones for sure.


Needless to say, the intern was fired.

Still though, news stations will do just about anything to get the story out there first.

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Dang, the YouTube video of that new report has been pulled. I wish that I'd copied that as soon as I watched it. Oh well!!


One of the funniest things to me is I don't think that lady newscaster connected with any of those and what they were saying. If so, she really has a "pan face" delivery that could put her into pictures instead of just the news!!!



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