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Mic Clip for Shure Green Bullet Mic


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I love singing through my Shure Green Bullet! Perfect for blues singing!

Except it is a new one with the volume control where there use to be a thread to mount to a mic stand on the vintage mics, so of course, we can't place mic on a stand - great for Harp Players but useless for singer/guitarists.

I have been just using Gaffa Tape to tape it to a normal mic clip, and the next day it has the 'Droop' because the mic is such a heavy little eff.....


This one:






There is a video of a guy melting a standard mic clip to shape. Before I destroy a whole lot of mic clips, does any one here have any clues for me before I buy an old vintage Bullet instead? Ooooh - some harp player has been spittin' in it for 50 years - eek!


I also posted this on the National forum, so ignore if you have already read it!

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Modify a mic clip so that it has a little cup on it that the volume knob itself would slip into. It would even be a "quick connect". It also puts the mounted angle at the factory original position.


I've got a box full of broken mic clips, post the diameter and height of the volume knob and I'll whip something up.

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Thanks L5 for the kind offer, but I am in Australia so....



I found a large clamp type mic clip that may do the trick - I will try it later.



Meanwhile, here is a video for your amusement of what is happening in music rooms over the world as people read the Internet on how to attach a Shure Green Bullet Mic to a stand.....(I found this Youtube clip as the only video):











Edit: even better is the "G-Rig"







It would be way easier if Shure put away of attaching the thing to a stand, but people are peoples................................

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A few pics of the solution to the problem of Shure Bullet mic for anyone that has the same.....



Butterfly Mic Clip:




Shure SM58 AND Shure Bullet Mic ready for A/B Switching. (Sing in SM58/Harmonica in Bullett or Sing in either or both!




Shure SM57 below music stand for guitars - don't we hate leads?!:





Mic Clip similar to this one:





We can leave it on the mic stand at home, but for a gig we need gaffa tape.......




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