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Epiphone EB-O Pickup Upgrade Idea


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I thought I would share something.


If you don't know, it is kind of hard to find a good upgrade

pickup that will drop into an EB-O. It's expensive also.


As far as I'm concerned, free is always better than cheap. I

thought out of the box and boxed my Washburn Humbucker.


I had a couple of Washburn HB's from when I upgraded my

Washburn Electric guitar. Nice clear pickups, but not much

balls. Clear is much better for bass.


So I removed the muddy, boomby from the EB-O,




I simply put the six string HB under the cover for the EB-O

factory pickup,









Raised it up some. You can't even tell it unless

you get close and look along side,






It sounds a lot better. It has more definition and

more mid-range punch and more treble with a lot less



I don't know if it is because of the cover, but the response

is even across all 4 strings.


Killer idea if I do say so myself. I'm tickled pink,



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