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Is my LP a reissue


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Hi guys, can anyone tell me if my Les Paul standard is a reissue,it was born in Nashville Nov 1989,production number 197,it has aged piping,and it has been suggested to me that it may be an reissue , it is also the heaviest I have come across ,cant tell you at this time how heavy ,no scales to hand thanks ,Sido

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


First-off, what is the serial number? without that we are pissing in the river merely guessing.

If, however, you are getting the 'birthday' and production number from a ten-digit serial number then it is not a re-issue.

Re-issues use a very different serial numbering system.


Secondly, Re-Issues didn't get properly under way until 1993.

Before this date there were a number of attempts to get close to the original '58-'60 'bursts. These are generally referred to a 'Pre-Historics'

You may, of course, have one of these.


Thirdly, re-issues tend to be lighter than regular Standards (or Traditionals) because Gibson use lighter weight Mahogany for the body-blanks of the R-I's.


You give us more info = we give you more info.



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