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Here is my latest track I recorded - my version of Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay".


It is a multi-test track for a few gadgets I have been flapping on about - and it is a nice song.


So sorry, no Gibson, but I played/sang through my new Allen & Heath 4 channel mixer straight by USB to my fairly ancient G5 iMac/GarageBand and this is exactly what I recorded - no editing. And I am extremely happy with the result!


I sang through my new Shure Bullet Mic which I have been going on about, and I recorded my National Resophonics M14 at the same time through a Shure SM57.


(About 10 years ago, my friend recorded me at his home studio. I was his guinea pig for new recording equipment. I did about 20 tracks of playing/singing using my 1976 metal body Dobro, and I did a version of "Lay Lady Lay" that he really liked. He spent many hours mixing/EQing/ mastering the track for me, but I didn't really like the way I played it, so I shelved it and of course, he was pissed off a bit. He died of stomach cancer about 4 years ago this week, so I dedicate the new track to him!)









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