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Where is Ian ???


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His last post indicates he was getting time machine ready to go back to the past and take advantage of lower Gibson prices.


Maybe the thing malfunctioned and is is trying not to get stomped on by a dinosuar or even better he is in the future playing techno music...

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You see a dark future for us all don't you?


Have you ever seen " Planet of the Apes"? I guess I would prefer that than techno taking over the world....


Seriuosly I think Ian has a punkish attitude but he does provide a different perspective on things that I appreciated.


The same goes for Tim. Although I did not interact much with him and do not know what went down I hope both return.


The admins banned a guy from the Spanish forum that was being a ******bag and sent me an e-mail with their apologies. Somebody is definitely keeping tabs.

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