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IS THIS T-TOP? Need identify help


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I recently come across this Gibson pickups. Seller send me some photos.

PAT number is 2 737 842 , and I can clearly see T mark on the uncovered pickup. Rest is unknown to me, so I need some help identify it.


1. Is this genuin T-top pickup?

2. Some other info, like condition and year, has someone tempered with pickup etc..

3. What would be suggested priced for these two pickups?

I'm wondering if those two are better sounding then recent BURSTBUCKERS (Alnico II) or 57' classic..


Thnx for any help & input ;))











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If that sticker is real it might be an older one from the 60's. My Ttop from 1979 looks like this:


Yours seems to have similar markings.

I don't know about better, but they do sound different than 57 classics. Whatever sounds good to you is the moral of the story.







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