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What you got from the EX


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This is NOT a thread about STDs [flapper]


Is there something you learned from an ex (maybe a dish you make regularly, or she made you realize you should keep you passanger seat uncluttered, or maybe she tought you to play an instrument) that you're glad for?


I had an ex tell me plainly that I couldn't play guitar. He said, "you can't play a whole song through." It made me mad because he was half right. I could play a handful of songs all the way, but I was not advancing and I wasn't commited to learning whole songs. It was the day we broke up.


After he said that, I made sure to practice more often and committed to playing/learning whole songs through. It gives me drive to prove him wrong. Not only am I playing whole songs, I am making them [flapper]


He did teach me about Dungeons and Dragons and the world of online nerdy gamerness.


I know for some of you it may have been years, but you don't forget 'em all that easy.


What did you pick up from your ex?

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Yes I had an ex who was a hairdresser. Hairdressers are a different breed, firstly they always stand, if you go for a drink it is always the hairdressers that are standing. You would think after standing all day they would want to sit down but no! Hairdressers are good at just about everything, they can be artistic and build a new fireplace, anything. They are also good conversationalists talking to clients all day helps.


What did I learn, you may ask Lizzy well mine was a hairdresser to the stars and clients tell there hairdresser everything and I mean everything. So when I'm watching TV and I see some star now mature and a pillar of the establishment I think 'I know what you got up too years ago' Having said that I have never heard of a hairdresser kiss and tell book. They are nice people!

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The only useful thing i got from an ex was a PA system.


Her dad bought an old church that he was turning into a bed and breakfast and I was able to get a free PA system out of it. Still have it 10 years later. :)

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Hairdressers are a different breed

Well, in poker terms, I'll call your hairdresser and raise you a graphic artist. My "left brain" and her "right brain" had some interesting conversations over the years. [biggrin][confused]


What I did learn from her though, was perfecting my cooking skills, and to this day (almost 20 years later) still use a large number of "her" recipes (not necessarily her creations, but stolen from somewhere lol) for some great dinners.

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My Practice Wife taught me the benefit of sobriety until AFTER the wedding.

She taught me to HATE and how to express it.

She taught me the art of sarcasm and the art of deceit through omission.


Through her I learned the value of allowing things that went wrong to be as

important in life as those that go well.


She taught me to *really* appreciate lyrics as part of an overall composition

and how they can form a powerful leading instrument when brought forward

with an appropriate voice.


"I woke to the sound of drums

The music played, the morning sun streamed in

I turned and I looked at you

And all but the bitter residue slipped away... slipped away"


"So I open my door to my enemies

And I ask could we wipe the slate clean

But they tell me to please go **** myself

You know you just can't win."


She made two Gilmour tunes my favorites:


A Great Day for Freedom

Lost for Words


It's been nearly 25 years and I *still* hate that manipulative, conniving b itch.

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I learned that im not going to get married again :P


All she left was Brutus which I was shocked at as he was her cat (just shows what a beeiaattcch she was :P).. but im glad she did as he was amazing and we had many great years together





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Perhaps... communication requires talking. #1 was a fine lady and I don't think I'm all that awful, but there never really was conversation, just unspoken expectations. Kinda a mess, really, and lasted under a year regardless of time required for a divorce. #2, btw, and I remain - and she was a friend long before anything more.



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A trollop that I used to go out with gave me a Yamaha CS-01 mini-synth one year for Christmas,I still have it and it sounds like a giant Moog when it's put through a good amp or P.A. system-that's the only good that ever came out of that relationship.

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I only had one ex before I met my awesome husband. All I ever got from my ex was a heightened distrust of people. Fortunately, my husband was very patient and let me open up at my own pace. We have only been married a year and two months, but we have been together for 22 years (officially on August 4th)


I honestly have nothing positive to say about my ex except that the relationship was short! I just pray that he never visited the hell he put me through upon any other woman.

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my only divorce was 30 yrs ago this year, because I learned something very important from my ex.

I learned to closely examine a potential mates' family, and to look for



mental instability

addiction issues

violent tendencies


compulsive lying


and to run like the wind if I see these traits in the people that raised the potential mate, because say what you will, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.


the only things that I got from my 1st marraige was a '62 International Harvester pickup truck, the clothes on my back, the items in my pockets when I walked out (more like ran for my life), but it was OK because sometimes you just have to amputate a gangrenous limb to save the rest of the body.

I also had a wonderful Son that was the joy of my life (I ended up w/custody) until he was killed at 17 in a freak car accident.


I re-married 2 yrs later and 27+ yrs into it, we're still together.

the honeymoon is over, but we're both happy w/each other and will likely grow old together.


Forrest Gump got it wrong.....Life's NOT like a box of chocolates......

it's a blank pallette and full easel....waiting to become what you make of it.

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