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How do you know you have GAS? (new year's resolutions anyone????)


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I like to repost this occassionally because I am constantly amazed by the "justifications" guys come up with for yet another guitar.....gotta love it!! Please feel free to add your own "reasons" for your own GAS. Those of you who really "understand" GAS, know that it goes WAYYYY beyond want and enters the realm of NEED. So, enjoy....Any one want to make a new year's resolution before reading?????


How do you know you have GAS?


If you buy a guitar solely for the purpose of leaving it in a dedicated open tuning!!


If you enthusiastically talk to non-playing friends about guitars all the time (regardless of their yawns and eye-rolls) You probably have GAS.


If you get excited when you see a guitar positioned in the corner of a movie scene . You probably have GAS.


If you sit close to the TV when a band is playing trying to work out what make and model they are playing, you probably have GAS.


If you have more guitars than your can physically play......you've got GAS


If you have some guitars that you haven't played in over six months....You've got GAS


IF you don't know the exact number of guitars you have, You've got GAS


If you get excited about when someone else buys a guitar in the forum...you've probably got GAS.


IF you spend more time scouring forums, Ebay, Craig's List, than you do PLAYING your guitars.....You've probably got GAS.


If you are sneaking Guitars into the house so that your wife doesn't see them, .....You've probably got GAS.


If you are thinking like this, " You know, I don't have a guitar with (fill in the blank) (Koa, Walnut, Blackwood)......tonewoods on the back and sides yet.....You've got GAS


If you already have a hand built custom designed guitar by a world reknowned Luthier, AND you are still looking for another custom designed guitar, You've got GAS


If you have some guitars under the bed, in the closet, in the attic AND your music room is full already AND you are still looking for another guitar.....You've got GAS


If you explain away all your guitars by saying."I am holding on to these as investments", You've got GAS



If the spouse is saying, "honey, please come to bed" and you'd rather sit up and pore over eBay lisitngs.....You probably have GAS.


If you find yourself short of breath every time you see a UPS truck.....You probably have GAS.


If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "boy, if I wasn't married..."...You probably have GAS.


If you have more than one guitar shop on speed-dial...


If you're offered an early retirement buyout and don't take it because you haven't got all the guitars you want yet...You probably have GAS.


if you haven't got time to play guitar because you're working a second job to pay for guitars...You probably have GAS.


if you read any of these and thought, "THAT'S just normal"....You probably have GAS.


If you are looking at a wooden table top and you are thinking, "Man, that would make a great back and sides to a guitar"......You probably have GAS.


If you have to build an extra wing on your house to accomodate guitar cases.....you probably have Gas


If you can't have house guests, because your guest room is filled with guitars......most likely you have GAS.


If you own TWO identical guitars, so that you can use a different sets of strings on the same guitars to hear the difference.....you definitely have GAS.


If you only buy guitars that all look alike (for example, only ever buying black guitars), so that your wife won't be able to distinguish one from another, missing any new additions......you probably have GAS


If the company makes two guitars exactly the same, except with different tone woods on the back and sides, and you want to buy both of them so you can hear the difference between the tone woods. This is Classical GAS

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*You also may have GAS when you spend a chunk of your free time analysing how certain guitars are made and their history etc.


*You may have GAS if you spend a large amount of time listening to youtube videos of certain guitars. especially demos, comparisons etc.


*you may have GAS is you have the number (or more) of guitars a professional musician has... and you're not one.



good stuff!


i have GAS even when i don't want another guitar... i think that just means i'm obsessed w/ guitars...

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I'm sure, that at circa 4mins, that is not the same Gibby blown up. Maybe an Epi equivalent? Also, I was watching a Foo Fighters live acoustic-type thang t'other day - the way they edited it, Dave Grohl went from playing a SWD to cutaway, that really bugged me!


Maybe this counts as GAS. And I've own my J45 for...er.... 11 days.

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