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REPOST: How to avoid a GAS attack!!!


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I'm reposting this because I just applied these rules to a guitar I was considering on EBAY. And it saved me....lol.....I am posting this for MYSELF.....it helps to admit I have a problem.....lol



Now I know I may steam a few "enablers" in here (You know who you are, and I love you all) But I have started to initiate a few rules to rein in my GAS. For those of you who do NOT wish to rein in your GAS, please do not read on........


1. I have now started to limit myself to guitars that I can personally play before buying them (of course this rule excludes the guitar I am having built for myself, which you have to take a few risks on...lol) This, of course removes me from the Evil-bay den of inequity. (sigh of relief) However I still use EBAY for market research, lol.


2. When I go to try out a new guitar, I always bring along my favorite guitar to compare to the one I am contemplating buying. This new guitar has got to be MUCH better than the one I have, or it just ain't worth it. I usally wind up loving my own guitar more than before I went.


3. I always take my friend along with me, to play my own guitar, then the guitar I am considering. Fingerpicking style, strumming, all done in the same way, on each guitar, so I can really compare them unbiased, side by side. I return the favor, when he feels the itch.


4. I do not "duplicate" guitars.....If I have a dreadnaught, I don't look for another dreadnaught (unless, of course, it has 12 frets to the body, comes with a slotted head, and is in a different tonewood than my own dreadnaught, lol) for example, I now have 3 Washburn parlors....how did THAT happen????


Now I know that some of the above writing may not find a "friendly" audiance in the forum, but please look on it as only the ravings of a fellow GAS-aholic in recovery. Thanks for listening...


5.I am contemplating this only......please be understanding......I (and my wife) are considering limiting my herd to a certain number (yet to be determined), so when a new one comes in, an old one goes out. Please note, this is only a THEORETICAL rule, still a work in progress........

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