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It's like taking your beautifull daughter to a party & not a single comment..

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...do you mind if I shag her...nothing !


If I was drinking something I would have spewed it all over my screen..


Sorry about the hassle here, but you know,, it is a Gibby forum,, everyone gets giddy when someone posts a humingbird or j45, j200 photo..


nothing else gets much lovin around here.


nothing wrong that, just sayin..

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Very tempting for us bling lovers.


BUT, I'm thinking it's a bit to bling for most of the crowd here. I've got a D45v and and J200 and whenever I post about them at least half the comments flame the bling. I even got a couple bling comments on my SJ (or as some call it - a blinged out J45 B) ).


I hope you get a nibble soon.




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I asked what do you think on the Acoustic forum and most really liked it.

It's cool to see what people think about it.

I was surprised that some thought it was a high level of bling..I always thought Martins very subdued bling wise,even 45's.

I look at it as I open the case & inside I say wow..the second thing I say is sh#t too bad I couldn't have em put the trim on the back & sides too..

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I think it's a great-looking guitar, but if I were going to go this route, I would probably go the whole hog and get a D-45.


The price may be fair, but it's still quite a bit more than I normally pay for a guitar.


Nice, though. Very nice.

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Thanks : )


I was getting irked often considering putting it for sale finding it harder to play on some days..sometimes the next day after it felt great !

I seems I've figured it out..I use a lot of sandapaper, handling it by hand..it seems it's not the guitar but the thinning of the skin on my left hand.

Been chiseling for last 3 days guitar feels good again.

Next sanding bout I'll wrap the tips of fingers in tape.


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