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1986 Gibson SG tuners


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Happy new owner of a 1986 Gibson SG. I looked at MANY youtube videos to spot a fake and everything looks genuine. Truss rod cover has no name on it and underneath is a brass nut and truss rod. The electronics box is not painted black and the wiring looks good. There is no paint in the pick ups routing, head stock/ neck angle is more like 15 degrees not 17 but might be a measuring problem. The only thing that bothers me is the tuners don't have anything stamped on them. Are there some genuine 1986 SGs without stamped tuners?

Hope I am posting in the right place...if not let me know so I can move it.



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I think they meant all "current" tuners, have some sort of brand name, on them, now.

The early ones, Kluson's, were as appears, on your's. They also had that more "rounded"

front and back edge, to the housing, that your's has. Some of the new Kluson "Vintage"

tuners, seem to have gone back to that housing style. Though, I think they have Kluson

etched into them, as well. Not sure...I'll/We'll have to check on that. [biggrin]


The current, and more recent housing style has either 2 sharper edges, or one rounded (in front),

and the sharper one, at the back side. They too, usually have either Gibson, Kluson, or Tone Pro's,

etched into the face of the housing.



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