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I'm skeptical about this auction


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RARE Vintage GIBSON 1977 Acoustic Guitar


This auction just smells wrong.

The headstock is the wrong shape. Has it been reshaped? The tuners have been changed. There doesn't appear to be any finish left on the guitar. The serial # appears all wrong for a 1977. My data puts a Gibson with this # around 1969. By my eye, this may have the shape of a B-25.


Despite their description of this being a "RARE" and "Made in USA" Gibson, there isn't a label or any other distinguishing mark other than the name on the headstock which has been painted in black.


I think this seller is grossly misinformed, if not outright fraudulent.


I've explained my concerns to the seller, and they replied that it was verified by a Gibson professional. Okay, anybody can say that.


Before I replied and insisted they take it down, I wanted some more opinions from people smarter than I.


I promise that I have no dog in this fight. I don't sell instruments on eBay, I just want to keep it honest and fair.

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I think that's a B15N from 1969 or a bit earlier. Shops sell them at $800-900 ASKING.




If it is, the adjustable bridge/saddle has been replaced.


Ah ha! The B-15. Only rare because of its 4 year production run. A student's guitar if there ever was one. I guess the MADE IN USA claim does still stand.

It looks like the replaced bridge and tuners were actually upgrades.

An excellent lesson in doing research before considering a purchase.

Thanks for your help.

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I would not go as far as to call it fraud. Just some guy who thinks his sow's ear is a silk purse.


As far as the seller being misinformed, it does happen. You thought the headstock had been cut down when, in fact, that Melody Maker headstock is one of the calling cards of the B-15 and B-25.

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