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Need specs 1982 Gibson LP Standard


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Hey! I am looking at a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard and I was just curious if anyone knows the specs of this guitar? The seller says that everything is stock. The serial number is 80262644. What kind of pick-ups does it have? How big is the neck? 50's or 60's neck? It's black with a cream pick guard with minor wear and tear. How much should I expect to pay? Thanks in advance for your help!

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My guess: The neck on my '82 Les Paul anniversary is a little narrow compared to necks of today, not especially thick. The Heritage series guitars might have had thicker necks but my bet is that an 82 Standard did not. They did not do the necks like they do today ala '50's or 60's. They only had three types of pickups at that time I believe; T-tops possibly (they were phasing out), epoxy-filled "super hum buckers" and the Shaw-designed vintage style. They were putting the Shaws in the Heritage lines, the ones people are calling "pre-historic". They also put them in the Les Paul Deluxes. I have pics here of all three types:


Shaw pickups usually have a PAT number and ink-stamped number on the bottom:






T-tops look the same on the bottom but the bobbins and magnets are different and they have no ink stamp:




Super humbuckers are the easiest to identify:




Not sure to tell you what to pay for such a guitar. I would imagine that you will not get one for less than $2000. But, I would look on ebay to see what people are selling them for.

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It might help if you had a pic of the backs of the pickups if you are interested in knowing what they are. Also, that bridge looks unusual to me. Aside from that nothing seem unusually odd to me but I'm sure other Les Paul buffs should weigh in.

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