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Hummingbird Pro at 2 Months


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All that press about the Hummingbird Pro being a GC sanctioned guitar.


All those accusations that the Hummingbird Pro ain't a Hummingbird at all and its a misrepresentation.


Well, guess what, neither of those two things should deter anyone from lookin' at that model guitar.


I went to GC one cold Wisconsin day, picked up the ONLY Gibson they had in the room, and basically never looked back.


Some folk in the guitar room actually commented as well, and lemme tell ya folks, I ain't that great of a guitar player.


That guitar came home with me on a day I wasn't expecting to purchase a guitar.


Never ever regretted that fact. There are some fantastic Hummingbird Pros out there, TRUST ME :)



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Congrats on your non bird Hummingbird Pro. Very nice guitars! They truly have there own voice in the Gibson lineup. It will only get better as you play it. Going on 5 years since I bought my HB Artist, which is a short scale cherry burst version of the HB Pro. It has opened up very nicely and definitely my favorite mahogany dread I have ever owned.


Enjoy and very nice playing!

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