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Another LG-2 Post

Grandpa Larry

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I'm in the process of selling a nice old Martin dreadnaught that I rarely play. I find that these old fingers much prefer short scale guitars with somewhat wider necks.


I have the opportunity to swap it for an almost new LG-2 American Eagle.


I probably would have already jumped on the deal except for one thing. I already own an old Gibson WM-00 (L-00 body style), which is the axe I reach for 90% of the time. Never having had the opportunity to compare my WM-00 with the LG-2 I'm afraid I'd be getting two very similar guitars.


Have any of you played both of these instruments? There aren't many WM-00's out there and the man with the LG-2 is in the next state.


Any input will be appreciated.

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