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Please Help!! Unknown acoustic!


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post-56261-004716700 1375372731_thumb.jpgI have a vintage acoustic. Supposedly 1975. I bought it from a lady who bought it new when she was young. It has never even been played. She doesn't remember where she got it or how much she paid but she bought it in 1975 as new. I have spent the last two days searching EVERYWHERE for this guitar. It is close to several that I have found but none are the same. There's always something a little different about them. It has NO names, numbers, stickers anything at all and no signs of ever having any anywhere. This thing is pristine! Absolutly beautiful. Beautiful classic sunburst. I found a close match in shape and color in Gibsons B-25 but I know Gibson marked all their guitars as did Global, another company that made cheap knockoffs. They had one that looked almost identical but as I said this one does not have any markings. She definatly is not cheaply made. The wood I'm pretty sure is mahogany on the body and neck and the fretboard appears to be rosewood. It has a very nice bridge with adjustable saddle and a truss rod with a cover in a shape I've never seen before. Its a mixture of a bell, bullet, arrowhead and spade with three holes. The thing that confused me the most is the Gibson style hummingbird pickguard. I hope everyone can see the photos closely enough to help identify this beauty. All input is greatly appreciated. Email me or message me if you want to see more pictures. It won't let me upload more.
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