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ACDC Classic gigs


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Cool. I've got the Golders Green and Rock Goes to College gigs on DVD. [thumbup] Angus is SO consistently on the button. I have never seen a gig where he screws it up, unlike many other highly-rated guitarists (mentioning no names!).

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Cool stuff Rabs


I love all era's with AC-DC. The rawness and Bon in the 70's, Brian's kick as voice in the 80's and the big polished show it is these days.

[thumbup] I know they just rock don't they.. no pretence just good old rock n roll :)


Heres a good modern one from just last year



and this is something I saw on a youtube link that im not sure ive seen before :)


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Hi Rabs that toronto gigs was't from last year, it's from 2003. It was that SARS gig. Angus and Mal played with The Mighty Rolling Stones that night


Here's one they don't play much live


Right you are.. I was looking at the upload date :unsure:


Oh and love that tune [thumbup]

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