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I have to ask what the story is on that cord?




I really like the Ernie Ball "Ultra-Flex" cable because of the killswitch end....the other pieces are just the fastest way I found to adapt that cable for side-loader guitars, using existing parts from my "useless crap" box.

at least I hadn't already mounted the twin/90 pedal cord to the body w/electrical tape, which I also do.


and for the person posting about "no vibramates"......I agree, drilling holes into a perfectly good guitar just feels SOOOO good!!!!! [laugh]

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Okay, so I installed the B700 on the Dot.











Haven't decided what to do with the old bridge post holes, but somewhere here I saw a post where some Home Depot rubber "caps" were used so I'm thinking along those lines. Not a fan of the "Custom Made" plaque, but that's just me.


BTW, this Dot has been modded so much that I'd never even come close to getting my $$ out of it, but it was never going to be sold anyway.


Edit: Forgot to mention, just put strings on it and I've got to check intonation and adjust the pickup heights. Other than that, it's good to go.

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